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July 19, 2018
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July 23, 2018

Part time work incentive scheme

Description of Scheme

The Part-Time Job Incentive Scheme (PTJI) is a scheme which allows persons who are long-term unemployed to take up part-time employment for less than 24 hours per week and receive a special weekly income supplement. Participants in this scheme are expected however to continue to make efforts to find full-time work.

Qualifying Conditions Summary:

 The person must:

  1. Have been fully unemployed and in receipt of Jobseeker’s Allowance for 390 days prior to commencing on the Part-Time Job Incentive scheme,
  2. Have been in receipt of a higher jobseeker’s payment than the appropriate Part-Time Job Incentive supplement payable,
  3. Undertake to remain on the scheme for at least two months.
  4. not be in receipt of another Social Welfare payment, other than one which is not included in section 247 of the Social Welfare (Consolidation) Act, 2005 (as amended), and
  5. Not be in receipt of any other allowance or an allowance in respect of a course of education, training and development.

The job must:

Be insurable under the Social Welfare Acts at class A or J rate of contribution, and

involve working for less than 24 hours per week. A person may have one or more jobs, provided the jobs meet the stated criteria and the total number of hours weekly is less than 24.

Smallholders or self-employed persons are not permitted to take part in the scheme.

Duration of PTJI

Initially the PTJI is awarded for one year. This may be extended for a further period. The person must continue to look for full-time work while on the scheme.

 Termination of PTJI

 Entitlement to PTJI is terminated if the person is employed for 24 hours or more per week or if the employment is terminated.


 Where a person who has been in receipt of PTJI, claims Illness Benefit, s/he may return directly to the Part-Time Job Incentive scheme when the period on Illness Benefit ceases, provided all other conditions are satisfied.

School Bus Drivers/Wardens who are participating in the PTJI scheme may claim a jobseeker’s payment for the duration of school holiday periods and return to the Part-Time Job Incentive scheme when they resume work, provided all other conditions are satisfied.

A person who secures full time employment may not return to the PTJI scheme irrespective of the duration of the full-time employment

Rates of Payment

Instead of their usual Jobseeker’s Allowance payment, persons are entitled to a specified allowance per week, with a higher rate paid to those with an qualified adult. This payment is not affected by the earnings received from the part-time job. A person without a qualified adult is entitled to the single rate allowance only, regardless of the number of qualified child/ren s/he may have. Rates of payments are detailed in the SW 19 Information Leaflet.

 Extra Benefits

 No Child Dependent Increase or Fuel Allowance is payable with the Part-Time Job Incentive Scheme.



Where a person satisfies the qualifying conditions for participation in the scheme, s/he should contact the Intreo Centre, Social Welfare Local/Branch Office and complete an application form.

Investigation of Claims

The relevant Jobseeker’s Allowance claim is examined in conjunction with the details given on the application form to determine if the person is eligible for participation in the scheme.Where the conditions are satisfied, the claim is awarded. The person is then given a form PTJI 2 for completion by both themselves and their employer at the end of each four week period.


Decisions regarding a persons entitlement to the Part-Time Job Incentive Scheme are decided by a Deciding Officer in the Intreo Centre/Social Welfare Local Office.


As the Part-Time Job Incentive scheme is a non-statutory scheme, there is no right of appeal to the Social Welfare Appeals Office. Any person who is dissatisfied with a decision may appeal to a higher officer at the Intreo Centre/Social Welfare Local Office.



A person is required to sign a declaration form PTJI 2 every 4 weeks to state that s/he works less than 24 hours each week and return it to the Intreo Centre/Social Welfare Local Office. Payment is made weekly by EFT.


Intreo Centre/Local Office staff must ensure that the form PTJI 2 is received from the person every four weeks while participating in the scheme.

Ongoing Confirmation Of Employment

Claimants are required to confirm their continued participation in the scheme. The form PTJI 2 is also completed by the employer at the end of each four week period. The form must be returned to the Intreo Centre/Social Welfare Local Office as evidence that the person is engaging in insurable employment for less than 24 hours a week. Where there is any delay in returning this form, payment is suspended until such time as the completed form is received.

CreditsWhere a person has established an entitlement to credited contributions while in receipt of Jobseeker’s Allowance, credits may be awarded for the duration of participation in the Part-Time Job Incentive Scheme. Credits will only be awarded for each week in respect of which a class ‘J’ contribution is paid.

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