Frequently Asked Questions

 Q. What type of training do you do?
 A. Kildare Local Employment Service offers one to one job seeking training to registered clients, this training is tailored to the client’s needs and includes email set up, registration on job seeking sites, CV review and mock interviews. We also provide funding grants for training that is provided by private training companies up to and including level 6 on the National Framework of Qualifications.
 Q. Who are your registered clients?
 A. The vast majority of our registered clients are assigned to us by our Funder, The Department of Employment Affairs and Social Protection and are in receipt of Job seeker payments.We also work with people who either self-refer to the service or are referred by other local Agencies such as The National Learning Network, The Education and Training Board, Private Training companies etc.
 The criteria for registration is that the person be wholly or partially unemployed, be willing to train or up skill or be actively looking for work.
 Q. How do I self-refer to the service for help?
 A.You can contact your local office with your PPS number, we will check your status on our system, provided you are not already assigned to a Case Officer within another State Service, we will be happy to give you an appointment with one of our Career Guidance workers
 Q. Do all of your clients go into full time work?
A. Depending on our clients’ needs at any particular time, our Guidance workers work closely with the clients to develop their career path plan. For some clients, training is the option that works best for them, others take up part time employment and for others, and Community Employment or TUS schemes are the best option at the particular time.

      Our service works with individuals on an individual basis.

Q. Can I get Safe pass and manual handling through your service?
A. Safe pass and manual handling are amongst our most regularly funded training courses.
 Q. I am working part time in a Café, I need to find full time work, can you help me to find full time work.
A. You can register for our service and we will be happy to work with you to help you find full time work.
 Q.I have just been made redundant; can I get some help with my CV?
A. You can contact your local office and get an appointment to have your CV created/updated.
 Q. I need to get a qualification in payroll, can I get grant funding for the training.
A. If you unemployed and are not already assigned to a Case Officer within Intreo, Jobpath or Cenit.

You can contact your local offices where you will be given an appointment with a Guidance worker who will discuss your needs and apply for the training grant.

Q. I am not getting any Job seeker payment, can I use your service?
A. You do not need to be in receipt of a payment to register of our service.
Q. My husband is working; can I get some help with my CV?
A. You can get help with your CV and job seeking
Q. I need to up skill in computers, can you help?
A. We have information on all class providers throughout Co. Kildare; get in touch with your local office.
Q. Can I get construction machine tickets through your service?
A. We regularly provide funding for people who wish to gain or renew machine tickets.
Q. As a relatively small Employer, how can your service help me to recruit?
A. We welcome all Employers to get in touch. We will fully discuss your needs and write up a job spec, the job spec will be sent to our five offices across County Kildare
where it will be reviewed by our Guidance Officers and offered to suitable clients from the caseloads.We will advertise your vacancy through our Facebook page and website.
We also provide information on all Employer incentives that are available. Employers can have the use of one of our rooms for interviewing purposes during working hours. 

Q. How much will it cost an Employer to use your service to recruit?

A. Our service is free to Employers and Job seekers