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Online learning during the pandemic

With more time on my hands thanks to the coronavirus pandemic I decided that now was as good a time as any to have a look into completing a course.

I was advised by the team at KLESN to have a look on and at to see if there were courses that I would be interested in. The team advised this because of the pandemic the majority of courses were being run online, which meant that I was able to apply to do an administration course that was based out of the Athlone training center from my own sitting room in Kildare.

 I found the course I wanted to do on, the whole process was very straightforward, you simply find the course you would like to apply for, hit apply and then fill in all your details such as name, address etc. After about a week I was contacted by the course providers to say the course was going ahead and sent emails with all my log in details and how to use Microsoft teams and my start times.

Getting set up to do the course was very straightforward an email address is created for you by the course providers you log into this email on your laptop or tablet and your invite to Microsoft teams is there in your emails.

To be able to  participate in a course that is 1 and ½ hour drive from my home in the comfort of the sitting room has been great, I am  not tired  from travelling its been easier to manage around work and home as you don’t have the travel factor. The tutor of the course records each class so if you want you can replay the class to go back over course work or if your internet connection fails or you don’t make the class.

 On teams also you are able to turn your mic and video on and off so if you need to run to the toilet or make a quick cup of tea or answer the door you can do so without disturbing the class. I have two children so the mute option on teams has been a God send when their Dad was running late from work and I had to start my course. There was only a couple of times where my internet connection was bad but I was able to download the teams app on my phone and it allowed me to join the meeting through my phone and I have my own home printer which I’ve found useful to print course material.

 The Course that I am participating in is FETAC accredited so that means there are exams and assignments that need to be completed to achieve your Certificate, so far I have completed two assignments, you have to be logged on with your camera on and your mic off for the whole of the assignment like a proper exam setting but again you’re in your own home. Online learning has opened new opportunities and its one side-effect of the pandemic I am really enjoying.