Tips for doing online interviews

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November 3, 2020
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January 13, 2021

Online interviews

During an online interview

Maintain eye contact – Look directly at the camera as you will then appear to be looking directly at the interviewer.

Slow down – Wait for the interviewer to stop speaking before you answer as sometimes there may be a time delay in the voice aspect (sound).

Hold a pen to occupy your hands – This will help you to keep your hands down while being interviewed.

Use a steady chair – Don’t use a chair that moves easily, such as a swivel chair. This is a distraction during an interview. Use a sturdy chair that is comfortable such as a kitchen chair.




Tips to help you prepare for an online interview

Device – Check your device before the interview to make sure everything is working.  Make sure the power cables are connected, or your battery is fully charged.

Software – There are several software programs that are used for video interviewing. Find out which software the interviewer would like you to use and test it to make sure it works with your device. Some of the current popular software programs used for video interviewing are Skype, Zoom, Microsoft Teams and Google Meet.

Testing – Test the microphone and speakers in your device to make sure that the sound is clear. Use headphones if you find it difficult to hear through your speakers.

Camera – If you are using a web cam (camera), adjust it so your head and shoulders are in the middle of the screen. Don’t have the camera so near you that the interviewer can only see you face or so far away that they can see everything in the room.

Lighting – Make sure that there is good lighting and there are no shadows on your face. Place a light on the left hand side to light your face evenly. You can use a window as a light source if you are being interviewed in the daytime.

Background – Ideally, use an area with a clear background and remove all distractions such as books or family photographs. Close windows and doors to avoid outside noise while online. Remind others in your home that you are being interviewed and place a ‘Do not disturb’ sign on the door to prevent interruptions.

Technical issues – Have the interviewer’s contact number available for emergencies. If something happens, for example the electricity goes or you lose your internet connection during the interview, contact the interviewer immediately to let them know and reschedule the interview.




How to use the video online software

All software works differently, so use the tips and guides on the software companies’ websites to find out how to use their software. Here are two examples of current video online software support available:

  • Skype has interactive content on its features page that shows you how to use audio and video calling, screen sharing and how to ace your interview.
  • Zoom has webinars (online meetings) and ‘on demand’ content to get you up to speed. You can access this on the Zoom Training Course resource.

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